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Dragoon Sponsors UofA Interdisciplinary Capstone Project

October 6, 2023. Dragoon Technology is sponsoring a team from the Craig M Berge Engineering Design Program at the University of Arizona College of Engineering. The team of senior engineering students will design, prototype, and test a five-hole probe intended to provide in-situ three dimensional wind measurements from Dragoon's small unmanned aircraft. This project is related to our work with NOAA, during which our long-endurance, low-cost Coriolis aircraft will fly into storms offshore, eventually being used to monitor hurricanes as far as 1000nm off the coast. This work will provide enhanced data quality for storm forecasting, increasing the accuracy of storm models. Such advancements could reduce loss of life, and reduce the economic impacts associated with evacuations and other storm mitigation measures.

For more information on the Craig M Berge Engineering Design Program, please visit


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