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AT1 over mountain sunrise

Scalable Aircraft Enable New Missions

Aircraft that are smaller, fly longer, and cost less enable large scale, wide area missions.

Networked UAS

Long range and low cost UAS enable large scale unmanned networks.  Such systems can serve ISR over long distances, blanket large areas with communications, or listen to RF emissions.

main developement region hurricane tracks

Worldwide Weather

Low cost and long range UAS allow scientists to reach across the globe to learn more about weather and high energy events.  The entire North Atlantic can be reached from only a few shore bases. 

Aircraft can be launched from fixed sites and controlled remotely, greatly reducing the cost of operation.  Dragoon's work with NOAA is furthering this concept. 

small aircraft

Emergency Communications

Long-dwell and low-cost communications relay missions are enabled. Dragoon's aircraft combines the ease of use and low cost of battery powered aircraft with 24hr endurance enabled by our hybrid powertrain.

tube launched engine

Tube Launched Aircraft

Dragoon's hybrid powertrain allows unconventional aircraft designs, including long endurance tube-launched aircraft. 

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