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aircraft over mountain sunrise

Supporting Technology

To provide the endurance, range, and cost required, Dragoon has taken a different approach to building UAS. 

Increased Endurance

Dragoon's novel hybrid powertrain combines the ease of use of batteries with the superior energy density of liquid fuels. 

hybrid engine
closeup of circuit board pcb

Decreased Cost

Everything needed to fly the aircraft is integrated into one assembly we call the Aircraft Management Unit.

A tightly integrated tech stack and open software architecture allows low marginal cost and rapid innovation.

Fewer parts means lower cost, less maintenance, and more budget for endurance and payloads. 

Power for Payloads

Whether it's power for edge computing, long range comms, or RF effects, our hybrid powertrain provides unparalleled electrical power availability. 

generator bldc
aircraft motors and engine

Distributed Propulsion

Distributed power improves aerodynamics and propulsion efficiency, to separate mass and thrust, or to prioritize payload placement.  

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