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Dragoon Sponsors Team and Award at University of Arizona Design Day

May 1, 2024. Dragoon Technology sponsored a senior capstone design: Team 24015: Five Hole Probe for Three Dimensional Winds, and a design day award at the University of Arizona, College of Engineering’s 2024 Craig M. Berge Design Day.

Dragoon's senior design team developed a five-hole wind probe intended to increase the utility of our small, long-endurance, low-cost UAS, the Coriolis. Originally developed under an SBIR with NOAA, the Coriolis will fly into hurricanes and, utilizing the 5-hole probe developed by the senior design team, will collect lateral and vertical wind information, among other atmospheric parameters. The resulting data will help improve hurricane track and strength forecasts. The multi-disciplinary team developed and prototyped the 5-hole probe, with a focus on low-cost manufacturing. Additionally, the probe was tested in the University of Arizona's subsonic wind tunnel. The team's final presentation video can be seen at this link.

Dragoon's design day award went to the team with the "Most Unintuitive Design Driven by Physics," won by Team 24061: Development of Solar Sail Spacecraft for Dynamic Maneuvering. The team's presentation can be found here.

More information on the University of Arizona College of Engineering’s 2024 Craig M. Berge Design Day can be found here.


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