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DARPA awards Dragoon Technology Phase I SBIR

July 27, 2022. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded Dragoon Technology a Phase I SBIR research and development project for the creation of an Inexpensive Long-Endurance Drone (ILED). The future of warfare is set to rely on swarms of small autonomous drones, launched from the ground and air, to carry out single-use missions. These drones will be used in large numbers, making them a significant force multiplier on the battlefield. The objective of this project is to design and develop a single-use drone that is both inexpensive and reliable, with high performance capabilities. The drone must be able to accept modular payloads, fly long distances, loiter, and conduct a variety of missions. Unlike the majority of today's battlefield drones, the ILEDs will be designed from the ground up to be single use, with the goal of keeping the price point as low as possible while still ensuring the required performance and reliability. The logistics footprint will also be minimized, as the intent is not to recover and refurbish the drones after use. Dragoon Technology is excited to work with the DARPA team to develop this new capability.


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