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Dragoon selected by NASA for SBIR

June 5, 2024. NASA announced the selection of Phase I SBIR and STTR awards. Dragoon Technology, in their Phase I SBIR project, aims to evaluate the capabilities of their Coriolis UAS platform in wildfire environments. The focus will be on developing autonomous behaviors using the Coriolis aircraft, a cost-effective sensor suite, and a communications radio, to optimize navigation, track personnel and assets, and detect critical fire features. The funding will support research, integration of communications equipment, and flight testing. Beyond wildfire applications, the Coriolis aircraft is suitable for long-duration missions in weather sensing, disaster relief, and infrastructure inspection, particularly where long endurance is needed, but aircraft recovery is uncertain.

A PDF download of all the SBIR and STTR awardees can be found at SBIR/STTR Phase I - NASA


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