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Dragoon Selected for Army xTech Autonomy

October 11, 2023. The US Army announced that Dragoon Technology was selected as a winner of xTechSBIR Autonomy, a competition for innovation in autonomous air and ground technologies. The competition, led by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology, will invest almost $13 million in small businesses to create working prototype systems. The focus areas include remote command, situational awareness, target detection, and sensor functionality to enhance soldier safety and efficiency. The 20 winners, selected from 218 submissions, received a total of $400,000 and are eligible for a Phase I Army SBIR contract, with four potentially advancing to a Phase II contract. The xTech Program, established in 2018, aims to incorporate small and non-traditional businesses into the Army’s technological ecosystem, providing them with exposure, feedback, and support.


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